Healthcare technology trends

The healthcare industry is undergoing a big transformation taking full advantage of the latest available technology.

This process has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. What seemed like future challenges have taken the industry by storm. Healthcare organizations are digitizing at an unprecedented speed. They are looking for ways to provide services remotely for patients. See below some of the most important healthcare technology trends.

1. Healthcare decentralization

As far as trends go, decentralization is one of the most important ones. As soon as ten years from now, hospitals could be replaced by small clinics. These clinics will be connected by technology creating a network of specialists all over the world. By using technology, doctors don’t need to be in the same hospital or clinic to consult on a challenging case or review investigations

2. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 

VR, AR and Mixed Reality are used in healthcare especially for educational purposes. They are great tools for training and surgery simulation. However, these technologies are also playing an important part in patient care and treatment. VR in particular is a great aid to patients with visual impairment, depression, cancer, and autism. It has also helped with pain management in women going through labor, and patients suffering from gastrointestinal, cardiac, neurological and post-surgical pain. VR, AR and Mixed Reality are by no means one of the new healthcare technology trends. But they are on a growth path.

3. 3D printing

3D printing is already an important part of healthcare. It allows doctors to prototype, customize, research, manufacture patient-specific organs, and many medical devices and surgical tools. This means a highly personalized approach to treating patients. Just imagine the level of comfort a personalized prosthetic limb can bring. But 3D printing goes much further than this. Doctors can grow actual organs from stem cells leading to a much lower rejection rate in transplants. This is more than a mention on a healthcare technology trends list. It is the future of medicine.

4. Telemedicine

Social distancing has only accelerated the need for telemedicine solutions. They are great not only for doctors who can become more cost effective by increasing the number of patients they treat, but also for patients. Think of all the people with chronic diseases who cannot leave their homes or for whom this is an excruciating effort. They can be treated from a distance through telemedicine. But this is a good solution for those with minor conditions or needs as well. Apart from saving time, telemedicine gives both patients and doctors access to specialists from all over the world.  

5. High frequency healthcare data from trackers, wearables and sensors

Until recently the healthcare data collected was low frequency. Patients went to checkups and there is where health data was collected. But today, more and more people are using trackers and sensors in wearables to track many aspects of their health. From daily steps to heart rate, sleep quality, stress level, food intake and many others. This is a growing healthcare technology trend as wearables are becoming more and more affordable. Constantly monitoring one’s health and sharing the results remotely with their doctor, empowers people to take control of their health and make more informed decisions. For patients with more serious conditions, this collected data gives doctors a better picture of the patient’s overall health.  

6. Robotics

One of the most exciting and fastest growing healthcare technology trends is robotics. Things that seemed impossible just a few years ago are now status quo. robotics in healthcare has materialized in robot companions, surgical robots, pharmabotics, disinfectant robots and exoskeletons. But robotics can also play a big role in telemedicine. Through telepresence, doctors can examine and treat patients in rural or remote areas. Another great area where robotics can be used is targeted therapy. By using a micro-bot, doctors can target a specific part of the body. This is useful when it comes to radiation to a tumor or clearing bacterial infections.

Every big trend is fuelled by technology. The possibility to process more data and faster, to visualise it in more meaningful and impactful ways opens up many opportunities. While we cannot say for certain what the future holds, we can guarantee that new healthcare technology trends will emerge in the next few years.

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