AI Powered Radiology Platform

Medicai makes collaboration around medical imaging really easy with a cloud PACS, integrated DICOM Viewer and messaging in the same place.


The need for bringing patients and doctors closer together surfaced while working on SkinVision. Managers and doctors complained they need to carry a bag of CDs to radiologists for interpretation. Different studies confirmed that medical imaging increases faster than the percentage of new radiologists who enter the field.

With experience in the healthcare system, Medicai is developed as a cloud-based PACS solution that brings together patients, radiologists, and clinicians in a modern and efficient manner.


$30 Trillion



The Goals

  • Enhance collaboration between doctors around medical imaging
  • Affordable PACS Infrastructure for small/medium clinics
  • Consolidate patient medical imaging in one place
  • Increase efficiency of radiologists and other doctors around medical imaging through the use of AI


The Challenges

  • PACS integration with small and medium clinics
  • Integration with MRI/CT/Cat-Scan machines
  • DICOM viewer integration inside the web platform
  • Data storage: huge amounts of data (1 MRI is 500MB-2GB)
  • Mapping out doctor-patient interactions to automate them

Driven by Impact

From the very beginning, we wanted to give doctors the ability to collaborate and communicate online around medical imaging in a multidisciplinary team. Once the data is uploaded to our infrastructure the medical imaging is always available easily. This saves tons of time for both patients and doctors, especially in the situation where doctors and/or patients are in different geographical locations. 

AI is a big part of Medicai – we’ve integrated machine learning capabilities to help doctors interpret imagery faster than ever before. Until now we have improves specific repetitive tasks for radiologists by 70%-80%. 


Mircea Popa


I can think of no better team to work with when it comes to product development. The support AB4 gave us through the last year was game changing for Medicai. They are not contractors, they are part of our team. We rely on their judgement for our most complicated decisions with regard to the product.


Andreea Udrea

Head of Research

I had experience working with AB4 Systems from another product we worked together, SkinVision. They were our go-to choice for software development for Medicai because they bring so much value to the table. With them, we know our research work is deployed properly into production and we get the feedback we need fast and well structured. I 100% recommend anyone to work with them!

The Tech We’ve Used






Product Video

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20k images

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